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Valentines Tea Box | Gift Box

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If you and your Valentine (or Galentine) go together like tea and biscuits give them the best gift, the gift of tea. This Valentine's tea box has been specially curated for Valentines Day! It's a tea box full of love with chocolate, roses, honey, passion and love. 

Teas included:  

No. 29 Sencha Rose

Ingredients: (*Organic) green tea*, rose buds & petals*, rose hips*

Caffeine | A grassy green tea with the sweetness of rose petals and rosehips.

No. 51 Peach & Love

Ingredients: (*Organic) peach*, rosehip shells*, white hibiscus*, sweet blackberry leaves*, roasted chicory root*, marigold flowers*, essence

Caffeine-free | The taste of summer anytime with a blend of floral, citrus and sweet peaches.

No. 69 Honey Black

Ingredients: (*Organic) black tea*, honey bee pollen*, essence

Caffeine | A black tea with a honey flavor, a special treat. 

No. 36 Passion Fruit

Ingredients: (*Organic) black tea*, rosehips*, hibiscus petals*, orange peel*, lemongrass*, licorice root*, cinnamon* essence*

Caffeine | A rich black tea balanced nicely with a sweet and refreshing blend of botanicals finished with a hint of cinnamon.

No. 54 Rooibos Chocolate Mint

Ingredients: (*Organic) rooibos*, cocoa husks*, spearmint*, essence.

Caffeine free | A rich chocolate aroma with the taste of invigorating mint.

This Valentine's tea box includes five (5) teas and makes 40+ cups of tea plus re-steeps. It includes a tea card with steeping instructions, a muslin reusable tea bag and disposable tea bags.