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Period Survival Tea Box | Gift Box

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Enjoy (or gift) this period survival tea box! It has been curated to help you through the toughest days of your period. It'll be like a warm hug for your belly! 

Teas included: 

No. 93 Goddess

Ingredients: (*Organic) hibiscus*, lemongrass*, lavender*, rose buds & petals* cinnamon*

Caffeine-free | The tart cranberry-like flavor of hibiscus blends nicely with lemongrass, lavender and rose. It's finished nicely with warm and spicy cinnamon.

No. 65 Supernatural 

Ingredients: (*Organic) hibiscus flowers*, licorice root*, peppermint leaf*, raspberry leaf*, cloves*, cinnamon*, cardamom seeds*, black pepper*, ginger* marigold flowers*

Caffeine-free | A full-bodied herbal blend with a light sweetness, fine tartness, spiciness and the freshness of mint.

No. 59 Ginger Lemon

Ingredients: (*Organic) ginger*, lemon peel*, apple*, lemon verbena*, hibiscus petals*, essence

Caffeine-free | Lemony notes set the initial tone followed by a subtle spicy ginger finish.

No. 63 Balance

Ingredients: (*Organic), fennel seeds*, aniseed*, lemongrass*, lavender flowers*, hibiscus flowers*, essence

Caffeine free | In this balanced composition of sweetness and spiciness, fennel sets the pace.

This period survival tea box makes 36+ cups of tea plus re-steeps. It includes a tea card with steeping instructions, a muslin reusable tea bag and disposable tea bags.