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Immune-Boosting Tea Box | Gift Box

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Bursting with the best nature has to offer this immune-boosting tea box supports your immune system no matter what time of year it is! With a healthy lifestyle and taking time for a cuppa you'll stay healthy all year long.

Teas Included: 

Ginger Lemon

Ingredients : (*Organic*) ginger root*, lemon peel*, apple*, lemon verbena*, hibiscus petals*, essence

Green Turmeric

Ingredients : (*Organic*) turmeric (15%), ginger root*, licorice root (19%)*, orange peel*, lemongrass*, green tea matcha (4.5%), essence*


Ingredients : (*Organic*) apple*, ginger*, orange peel*, peppermint leaf*, eucalyptus leaf*, sage leaf* (5%), elderberry flowers, essence*


Ingredients: Organic green tea

This immune-boosting tea box makes 36+ cups of tea plus re-steeps. It includes a tea card with steeping instructions, a muslin reusable tea bag and disposable tea bags. 


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