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Mantra Tea Box | Gift Box

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This mantra tea box is meant to bring you into the present moment and shift the way you feel. "I AM" are two of the most powerful words you will use throughout your lifetime. Why?  Because they precede your subconscious beliefs and are how you program yourself. Each tea comes with a mantra to repeat while sipping. Use the "I AM" teas to instruct your mind and body how to feel.

Teas included: 

I am Clean 

Ingredients: (*Organic) red rooibos*, dandelion root*, lemongrass*, rose buds and petals*, lemon verbena*, rosehips*, orange peel*, spearmint leaf*, essence*


Clean Mantra: I release anything that is not serving me. My mind and body are fresh and clean with every sip I take. 

I am Peaceful 

Ingredients: (*Organic) lemongrass*, lemon verbena*, blackberry leaf*, chamomile flowers*, rosehips*, orange peel*, essence*


Peace Mantra: I am one with all that is. My mind and body are more relaxed with every sip I take. 

I am Fit

Ingredients: (*Organic) Sencha green tea (47%)*, cardamom*, mate* (10%), ginger*, spearmint leaf*, nettle leaf*, guarana seeds* (3%), turmeric*, chili*, essence


Fit Mantra: My mind and body are strong. I am dedicated to my health and well-being with every sip I take. 

I am Sleepy

Ingredients: (*Organic) chamomile flowers*, lavender*, peppermint leaf*, cornflower*


Sleep Mantra: I am more relaxed with every sip I take. My mind and body are ready for sleep. 

This mantra tea box makes 36+ cups of tea plus re-steeps. It includes a tea card with steeping instructions, a muslin reusable tea bag and disposable tea bags. 

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