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Yoga Tea Box | Gift Box

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Gift the gift of a "yoga retreat" in a box. Our yoga tea box has been curated to give the experience of wellness, healing botanicals and relaxation. Each tea has been selected to provide renewal and reconnection. Meditate, breathe and get immersed in the full "getaway". 

Teas included: 

No. 62. Harmony

Ingredients: (*Organic) cinnamon*, fennel seeds*, coriander*, green rooibos*, orange peel*, licorice root*, aniseed*, black pepper*, cardamom pods* (3%), cloves*, sunflower petals*

Caffeine-free | A mildly spicy round dance of coriander, cardamom and licorice invites you to enjoy harmony in balance.

No. 65 Supernatural

Ingredients: (*Organic) hibiscus flowers*, licorice root*, peppermint leaf*, raspberry leaf*, cloves*, cinnamon*, cardamom seeds*, black pepper*, ginger* marigold flowers*

Caffeine-free | A full-bodied herbal blend with a light sweetness, fine tartness, spiciness and the freshness of mint.

No. 52 Yoga Chai

Ingredients: (*Organic), cinnamon* ginger*, cardamom*, clove buds*, black pepper

Caffeine-free | A bold cinnamon flavor with warm and sweet notes at the beginning and light spiciness in the finish.

No. 61 Prana

Ingredients: (*Organic) green tea Sencha* (26%), lemongrass*, ginger*, green mate* (13%), gojiberries*, lemon balm*, orange peel*, pink pepper*, safflower*, essence

Caffeine | A light blend with strong fruity citrusy undercurrents. 

This Yoga Tea Box makes 36+ cups of tea plus re-steeps. It includes a tea card with steeping instructions, a muslin reusable tea bag and disposable tea bags. 

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