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Floral Tea Box | Gift Box

Floral Tea Box | Gift Box

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A magical tea box filled with the fragrance and flavors of fresh blossoms in the spring. It's been scientifically proven that flowers make you feel better! Just seeing them triggers the release of dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin which makes you feel happy. Grow them, gift them and sip on them. Brighten yours or someone else's day once and flor-al! 

Teas Included: 

No. 8 Jasmine Pearls

Ingredients: Organic green tea scented with jasmine flowers

Caffeine| A mellow, sweet and smooth green tea with the fresh scent of Jasmine.

No. 17 Black Vanilla Rose

Ingredients: (*Organic) black tea*, red rosebuds & petals* essence*

Caffeine | A decadent black tea blend is decadent with the creamy, sweet enchanting flavor of vanilla and the aroma of rosebuds and petals.

No. 18 Chamomille Blossoms

Ingredients: Organic chamomile flowers

Caffeine-free | Chamomile blossoms have a soft, honey-like sweetness with hints of floral and apple flavor.

28. Hibiscus Petals

Ingredients: Organic hibiscus petals

Caffeine-free | A magenta-coloured refreshing, tangy and tart tisane with flavors like cranberry and pomegranate. 

This FloralTea Box makes 30+ cups of tea plus re-steeps. It includes a tea card with steeping instructions, a muslin reusable tea bag and disposable tea bags.