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Earl Grey Tea Box | Gift Box

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Enjoy this Earl Grey tea box! Fit for an aristocrat and curated for the Earl Grey tea lover, this tea box is always refreshing, elegant and appreciated.

No. 22 Earl Grey

Ingredients: (*Organic) black tea*, bergamot essence*

Caffeine | A bold black tea that marries well with a citrusy flavor and floral aroma.

No. 81 Earl Grey De La Creme

Ingredients: (*Organic) black tea*, blue cornflower petals*, essence.

Caffeine | A classic infusion with creamy vanilla and citrusy bergamot.

No. 87  Darjeeling Earl Grey

Ingredients: (*Organic) Darjeeling tea*, essence

Caffeine | The floral tones of Darjeeling balance nicely with the citrusy flavor of bergamot.

No. 90 Rooibos Earl Grey

Ingredients: (*Organic) rooibos*, essence

Caffeine-free | A nutty rooibos with a citrusy bergamot essence

This Earl Grey tea box makes 30+ cups of tea plus re-steeps. It includes a tea card with steeping instructions, a muslin reusable tea bag and disposable tea bags.